Top 5 tips for choosing your bridesmaid dresses

1. Remember it’s their day too! As the bride, there is no doubt that you are the centre of attention on your big day, but it’s useful to remember that your bride tribe want to look and feel their best as well. A simple acknowledgement of their feelings on colour or fit will go a long way to keeping everybody happy ahead of the big day.

2. Don’t try to apply a one style fits all regime. It is virtually guaranteed that not all of your

bridesmaid’s will be the same size, shape and colouring. That means selecting just one style or

even colour that suits everybody will be a tall order. Instead, work with a number of options and

adopt a mix and match approach for your bride squad line up. This way you end up with a look

that works together, without forcing one style on everybody.

3. Work out in advance the look you are trying to create and start your search with this in mind.

Often the bridesmaids look will be dictated by the venue or the setting of your wedding, but

whether your vision is for boho bridesmaids or soft pastel tones, stick to your chosen theme and

try not to get distracted by unsuitable colours or styles that you will end up ditching eventually


4. Listen to the professionals. When choosing a brand or a boutique to make your selection, go for one that you are confident is in tune with the vision of your bridesmaids look and then listen to their advice. A good bridesmaid sales consultant will be able to guide you on styles, colours and shapes and will help you stick to your budget.

5. Make choosing the bridesmaids dresses a fun part of your pre wedding planning. Opting for a home try on pack like the one offered by Sisterhood can be a great way to make choosing your bridesmaids dresses into a relaxed pre wedding event, where your bride squad can bond. If you opt for in store selection, then make sure it’s the right setting for some bridesmaid fun as part of your appointment.